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4-68 type centrifugal fan air flow how to adjust? Faced with this problem, some people may not know how to correct the specific answer. So, today Xiaobian on this situation, to carry out this specific explanation, so that we can clearly understand, so as to solve this problem, so as to eliminate the confusion and understanding of the heart, and can increase their knowledge in this area Quantity, and thus enhance the understanding of the product.
Centrifugal fan air volume adjustment, in general, it can have two methods, its specific is:
Adjustment method one:
In the fan pipe network system characteristics under the premise of the same, by changing the centrifugal fan speed, making the fan pressure, air flow and power changes, so as to achieve the desired purpose. Fan speed increases, then the fan air flow and pressure to improve, and vice versa is the opposite. The main advantage of this method is that there is no additional energy loss, so its economic performance is better.
Adjustment method two:
That is, by adjusting the throttle valve, or change the degree of opening the card to change the characteristics of the pipe network system. In this case, the air volume is inversely proportional to the pressure, in addition to the throttle or the opening of the plate related to the degree.